Book of the Dead in Sculpey

by Dan Stout

I've been meaning to try out Super Sculpey, and inspired by some Necronomicon projects (both from Lovecraft and Evil Dead versions) I whipped this up. 

2013-04-26 18.58.04.jpg

This is coming in on the half way point-- it needs detail work and paint, but it was fun to get it this far.

I'd seen this version of the Evil Dead Necronomicon some time ago, and when I was doing research I realized that it had actually taken the place of the original in my mind. So I just embraced that and borrowed heavily from it.  

If I were to to do it again (and I might) I would really play up the notion that it was erupting from the cover. I did pull back the faux leather, and the piece I included in the sculpt is nice, but it's not enough, and is really only noticeable up close. Also, I'd sculpt the teeth then wrap them with the excess leather I cut out, so that they would appear to be formed from the cover itself. 

Meh, live and learn. 

by Dan Stout