"Fettuccine and Shrimp..." audio is live at Toasted Cake

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This is one I'm especially excited about!

The amazing Tina Connolly has done a reading of my short story, "Fettuccine and Shrimp in Bayou Cream Sauce" over at the Toasted Cake podcast

Tina is a fantastic reader, and I think she perfectly hit the story's notes of humor and melancholy. 

It's free to listen or download. Or better yet, subscribe to the podcast! Tina's story selections are top-notch, and Toasted Cake is a terrific source for quality audio fiction.


by Dan Stout

Alpha-7 DE11 Audio Adaptation up at Centropic Oracle

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My short story, "The Curious Case of Alpha-7 DE11" has been adapted for audio by the good folks at Centropic Oracle. 

I particularly enjoyed this audio production, and the attention to detail in the performance and sound design. 

You can listen for free here, and The Centropic Oracle is a great source for all kinds of fun audio from many more authors. Check them out, and tell them I sent you!

by Dan Stout

Agents & Spies and "The Hula-Hoop Heart"

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The Hula-Hoop Heart will be reprinted in a hard cover anthology entitled Agents & Spies, forthcoming from Flame Tree Press.

I've worked with Flame Tree before, and I'm delighted that this story will get another day in the sun, along with a collection of classic tales and modern authors.

The Gothic Fantasy line is a series of beautifully designed, hard cover volumes that mix a genre's foundational stories with newer voices. I'm always happy to add another of these editions to my shelf, and can't wait to get my hands on this volume when it releases in October..


by Dan Stout