These are additional resources for "Story Structure & the Business of Fiction."
If you've taken the class and have follow-up questions, feel free to drop me a line and I'll help get you pointed in the right direction.


Story Structure


Dan Wells 7 Point Story Structure

The 3-Act Structure

The Four Act / Two-Body Mystery Structure

The Hero's Journey & variations

  • The best resource is Joseph Campbell's book The Hero With a Thousand Faces. It introduced the concept of the hero's journey and essentially started the field of comparative mythology. If the book is too academic for you (and it is for a lot of people!) then start with any of the many documentaries on Netfilx or YouTube
  • The Virgin's Promise by Kim Hudson. A variation that emphasizes the feminine archetype, with a focus on creative, sexual, or emotional awakenings.
  • The Writer's  Journey by Christopher Vogler.  A variation that emphasizes using the Hero's Journey as a writing tool, rather than an analytical one.

Dan Harmon's Story Circle

The Story Grid  -- Lots of info on Genre

These links really only scratch the surface. There are literally thousands of books, podcasts, and courses that go over these same concepts in one way or another.  (Here's my list of favorite story related podcasts.)


Marshall Ryan Maresca's 12-Part Outline

Business of Fiction


Market Listings

Critique Groups

  • Critters  Offers a number of critique groups, but leans heavily to speculative fiction.
  • Critique Circle  Offers a number of genres. 
  • Iowas Writers Workshop MOOC   A free, online course from the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop. Leans heavily to literary fiction. Offers a few different focuses and classes over the course of a year.