Chap Hop

by Dan Stout

There is currently a beef between two hip-hop stars. A beef which centers around handlebar mustaches and quality tea. The two heavyweights involved, Mr. B and Prof Elemental, are the leading lights in the sub-genre of "Chap Hop".

Recently getting coverage from Wired Magazine and The Wall Street Journal the two artists have been making waves in their native England, and on the internet. (I can't believe the Wall Street Journal found out about these guys before I did! I can't even tell you how old that makes me feel.)  

Nothing original from me on this stuff, just wanted to share a couple interesting points, such as the following wonderful quote:

As scantily clad cabaret dancers apply false eyelashes, Mr. Burke sums up the influences behind his brand of Chap-Hop: Public Enemy's Chuck D, Noel Coward and British music-hall star George Formby.

(Seriously, the WSJ article is really well done and fun.)

And how hard does this sound:

Onstage, resident DJ Earl of Ealing (Ian Crouch to his friends) is mixing tracks using two 1930s picnic gramophones playing 78-rpm swing records. The process is laborious, requiring the phonographs to be wound and the needle to be changed for each record: no easy task, especially while holding a martini.

Both Professor Elemental and Mr. B are getting a fair amount of views on youtube, and they each have some pretty well done videos up.


by Dan Stout