Write1Sub1 lessons

by Dan Stout

I'm still working through the Write 1 Sub 1 challenge this year. Inspired by Ray Bradbury, it's a challenge for writers to write and submit one short story a week, every week for a year.  (The challenge can be modified to one a month if the original concept isn't practical for you.)

Being new to W1S1, I'm chalking this week up to a learning experience. I got a lot of writing done, but didn't finish anything. I spread my time out among too many pieces, and I was guilty of jumping from them when they got to a difficult stretch.

I think that I need to pick a single project for the week, then focus on that with all of my core writing time. If I'm able to do work beyond that, I can move to something else. (Kind of like a reward for doing the tough slog of the other stuff.)

In any case, I'm looking forward to putting this into practice this week, and seeing what the results are.

by Dan Stout