Bonus Skull

by Dan Stout

We were a bit bored while watching a movie, so we took the enormous pumpkin from week 4 and carved a skull into its backside.

Our Foster-Kid-Who-Mustn't-Be-On-Social-Media did most of the work on the jaw/mouth, and laid out the overall pattern.  Learned that we're okay to be more aggressive next time with the amount of material we remove,  and we should remember to drop a candle in before we call it done-- it can be hard to predict how the pumpkin will take to the light.  For example, the cracks in the temples didn't show up as much as we'd hoped.

Fun way to spend the evening and a good warm-up for this week's yet to be determined challenge.

PS: the weird marks by the left eye socket are the wounds from where a squirrel tried to make a snack of our pumpkin. We tried to incorporate them a bit into the design, though you couldn't tell in the lighted version.

Next step will be to make it look sharper in daylight!

by Dan Stout