Pumpkin Challenge 2014

by Dan Stout

Eight Pumpkins in Eight Weeks

Every year I am filled to the brim with intentions to do cool pumpkin carvings. And every year I end up with a single, moldering, uncarved pumpkin sitting in my backyard, sinking in on itself as its blank orange face mocks my lack of follow-through.

Well, THIS YEAR is going to be different.  With the help of our newest foster-family member, we are going to be lighting up the orange and black to celebrate the season.

A pumpkin a week from now until Halloween, each one more complicated than the last until we culminate an in unholy gorey gourd of terror the likes of which has never been seen!  (Or, until we screw one up, whichever comes first.)

Stay tuned, people. It's gonna get pulpy in here....

by Dan Stout